Welcome to the Bass Federation of Oregon website. We are extremely excited about our new TBF National Semi-Finals (NSF) Qualifier format for 2020.  TBF Oregon will offer two different paths for NSF qualification.  One is through our Coastal Circuit and one is through our River Circuit.  You could be a NSF qualifier in as little as two weekends of fishing.  You may choose to fish either circuit or double your chances by fishing both circuits.  Each Circuit will qualify at least three (3) Boater/Non-Boater pairs.  That number can increase based on 10% of participants.  The 2020 NSF will be hosted by TBF Washington at Lake Roosevelt on October 3rd and 4th.  TBF Oregon will be the host for the 2021 NSF.    We also have a couple of Open Events early in the season and a Big Fish Event in October, just click on the Tournaments-Open Events-Schedule Tab for more details.

Additionally, each TBF Oregon member club may send at least one Boater/Non-Boater pair to the NSF.  The actual number from each club can increases to two teams with 20 mother club members and three teams with 30 members and increases for every additional 10 mother club members.   More NSF details for both Club Level and Federation Level can be found on the Tournaments-NSF Qualifier-NSF Info Tab.

To fish TBF Oregon Qualifiers, you must be a member of any TBF Oregon Club.  Click on the Affiliated Clubs Tab for more Club information.  Please join our group on our Facebook Page by clicking on our Facebook Tab.  We look forward to serving TBF Oregon Members this season.

Tom Hartshorn, TBF Oregon President
Call me at 360-989-6817 or email me at hawk44862091717@aol.com

Or Contact Gary Harral at 856-313-8320 gary.d.h@comcast.net

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